Right from the start I knew Emily was going to be a great partner for me in getting back into shape. Before our first training session, she sent along a detailed client survey where I was able to let her know my fitness history, any injuries, my current fitness/nutrition state, and goals. One thing that really stood out in the form was that she asked what training style works best for me. Having worked with different trainers in the past, I know that I need more of a cheerleader than a drill sergeant and I appreciated that Emily recognized that not everyone responds to the same training style.


During our first session together, Emily did a thorough assessment of my current physical state where she looked at my posture and range of mobility. We also chatted about some of the medical issues and injuries I have so that she could tailor future sessions around those. After this initial session, Emily sent me a summary of her assessment along with notes on our goals and how she would be approaching our exercise program. This made me feel very confident knowing that she would be creating a fitness program that would be tailored specifically to me and my goals.


Having trained with Emily for over three months now, I can honestly say I look forward to each of our sessions. She strives to keep our workouts fun and engaging by mixing up the type of exercises we do and introducing new things (like battle ropes or boxing gloves). She is also able to keep my injuries in mind while still providing a challenging and productive workout for me. On top of it, Emily has such a bright spirit about her. I can tell she really wants me to have a good workout and also just cares about me as a person. Knowing she is so invested in my success helps me stay just as motivated and invested as well. I'm looking forward to many more sessions together!

—  Bekka Reece, PT Rockstar since January 2018